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Check out yesterday's most exciting plays made by the superstars of tomorrow, the NBA rookies. These 5 plays (well, actually 6) are from yesterday’s preseason slate of games, and if you enjoy the video please subscribe to my youtube channel and check out my website for all the latest news on NBA rookies and the NBA draft:

Please Check out the original article on my website:

The wildest NBA season has come and gone, and the draft is now in the rear view mirror. With the season already upon us, just two months after the “NBA Bubble” ended, we are halfway through the preseason. Having talked to some GM’s and NBA personnel over the past couple of weeks, the busyness of the offseason is finally put behind, but the stress of maintaining the teams health and fluidity of this season is now the focus.

I wanted to create a new series that I will be doing…


To start out the series of team profiles, I am starting out with the five teams with the highest percentage of landing the top spot; Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, and Detroit Pistons. Below you can see the schedule for when the next two articles will come out cover the the 5-14 picks, and the 15-30.

The Bottom Five

Golden State Warriors

The Unsung Heroes of the NBA Draft

We saw the media storm Zion Williamson as if he was the prophet to the coming of a new face set to be chiseled into the legends of the NBA Mount Rushmore. He has not stepped a foot onto an NBA court, yet is set to fulfill one of the most pressure filled responsibilities of players in his position. …

Draft Insiders

Brendon Crew — Former D1 basketball coach with extensive scouting and video experience looking to utilize college scouting to analyze the NBA draft.

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